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a book by Nicola Carignani

A limited edition of 350 copies, numbered and signed by the author

photos and texts Nicola Carignani
critic text Ivanmaria Vele
published by Expowall
design LaTigre
printed by Studio Fasoli – Verona

shipping to Italy  € 6,00
shipping abroad € 12,00

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Obtainium is a photographic journey shot by Nicola Carignani within the community of artists and musicians residents of Joshua Tree, in the Mojave Desert (California). With his witty and elegant touch, Nicola recounts the surreal series of encounters he had with these quirky individuals, their creations and their surroundings. A journey towards a greater intimacy with ones’ freedom of expression.

Obtain•ium: to obtain [v.tr. ob·tained, ob·tain·ing, ob·tains] plus •ium: chemical element or group {New Latin –ium, neuter n. suff., from Greek –ion}. Materials used to create art work such as assemblage, mixed media or sculpture that weren’t bought new, but obtained in other ways, such as second-hand, dumpster diving, chance findings or donations. Term widely used amongst the residents of Joshua Tree, California.
Nicola’s pictures of these amazing characters are not telling us about a struggle or alternative lifestyle. In fact this body of work is evoking normality and whispering sensitivity. A dream is not a dream once it becomes the ordinary extraordinary.
The rumors of true things, the colors of imaginary yet real landscapes, are the subject matter of the Obtainium collection. Nicola’s closure with these human beings, their surroundings and manufacts shows the essence of photographic art. To be there to enter the void. Defying any rational thoughts, it’s all he can do. In Nicola Carignani’s imperfect world all that is left is the search for freedom. Voltaire’s legacy was not entirely given up here. Indeed a very practical solution for modern times too, “Man is free at the moment he wishes to be”.
This very sweet sense of freedom is all over Carignani’s desert portraits, each one with its own perfectly balanced legacy. Leaving Las Vegas or Leaving Los Angeles is not necessarily an act of disobedience but an act of faith towards liberty and “normality”. Yes indeed I say it again. This is what Nicola was undoubtedly looking for and this is what he found almost so very naturally. These photos are forever. These spirits have been living there with us for many ages and Nicola’s ability to capture them for his narration is just another chunk of his own personal discovery channel. Enjoy it while you can.

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Dimensioni 21.30 x 27.70 x 2.80 cm


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